I am a devoted armchair naturalist, deeply rooted in my love for all things nature. Thanks to my mother's guidance and support, I have learned to embrace and cherish the wonders of the natural world. Since my earliest memories, I have been captivated by the beauty of the outdoors, constantly exploring the urban environment in search of hidden treasures. Whether it was the wild grass growing in an abandoned lot or the cracks in the sidewalk, I always found beauty in unexpected places. My heart yearned for a life in the countryside, where I could roam freely through wide fields and dense woods, discovering bugs, birds, snakes, frogs, and any other wildlife that crossed my path. When I had the chance to spend my summers in northern Michigan as a young teenager, I was overjoyed. I would venture into the woods alone, sitting silently and observing the creatures around me. I would speak softly to them, hoping to gain their trust. Even now, in my garden, I continue to engage with the creatures that visit, creating a habitat that welcomes all beings. I am thrilled to witness the subtle, daily changes that occur as the earth spins on its axis. Over time, I have evolved into an artist who is consumed by photography. Most of my photographs capture the wild essence of the urban environment I currently reside in. Although it may not be as bustling as my childhood city, it still holds its own charm. Moreover, it provides easy access to the untamed beauty of the desert southwest, a place that has stolen my heart since our first encounter. As a creator, I am fascinated by the playful exploration of process, perception, consciousness, and existence. Working primarily with pastels, acrylic paint, ink, and plaster on various surfaces such as paper, wood, or canvas, I allow the creative process to guide me towards the most authentic expression of my thoughts and emotions. Whether it's experimenting with new techniques or delving into abstract ideas, I let the act of creation help me unravel the mysteries of the world and my own self. By approaching my painting practice with a sense of discovery, I am constantly surprised by the unexpected beauty that emerges.

My artistic journey revolves around the playful exploration of process, perception, consciousness, and existence. I embrace mixed media, utilizing pastels, acrylic paint, ink, and plaster on various surfaces like paper, wood, or canvas. I let the creative process guide me towards the style and medium that resonates most profoundly with the message I wish to convey, be it an emotion, a new technique, or an idea I'm pursuing. Painting allows me to comprehend the undefined aspects of both the world and myself. Approaching my practice with a mindset of discovery often leads to delightful surprises in my artwork, as I delve into the realms of symbolism, color, mark-making, and gestures. Ultimately, my work delves into the evolution of life itself.

My drive to create, communicate, and seek exchange has deeply informed my work. I have participated in national group and solo shows and my work is represented in collections throughout the US.